Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Last Connection

I am so sorry; I am not about to talk about psychology. I honestly don't know how to tie any psych concepts to this zany novel...

I suppose I'll talk about the Big Bang Theory. Being an Atheist, I do believe this theory, sort of. There are lots of places in the theory where opinions begin to split. For me, it begins to split at the causation of the Big Bang. Some people believe that before the Big Bang nothing existed; that we can't even fathom what was before the Big Bang because there was quite literally nothing. I believe that the universe is linear in its birth, progression, and death. I believe that black holes are the key to the Big Bang. Since black holes are such a mystery to the top astrophysicists, they hold great potential in their significance to the universe. Since black holes just continually suck up matter into an incredibly dense oblivion, this matter has to go somewhere. That's just a basic law of physics. I think that once a super-massive black hole becomes so immense and so dense that even it can't support itself anymore, all of that matter simply implodes. The implosion of a black hole is thus the explosion of an entirely new universe. This theory gives rise to ideas like alternate or multiple universes since countless black holes exist. This would explain how something can come from nothing because it wasn't nothing, it was a super-massive black hole. Now obviously we can't prove this theory yet. Our understanding of black holes is still too rudimentary, the math behind it is inconceivably convoluted, and not enough time has elapsed for a black hole to implode (assuming they can/do in fact implode). This theory is easier to comprehend since it suggests that there is a linear history before our specific universe. Though, it does still beg the question as to the Original cause. Assuming this theory is true, what originally sparked this cycle of universe re-creation? This is where things become too unknown and incomprehensible for our current knowledge. I believe that one day, which may take hundreds if not thousands of years, we will eventually be able to fully grasp these pain-staking questions.

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